The Reich Foreign Minister to the German Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Schulenburg)
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BERLIN September 23, 1939-3:40 a. m.
Received Moscow September 23, 1939-11:05 a. m.

No. 417 of September 22

Reference your telegram No. 295 [395?].

For the Ambassador personally.

We, too, consider the time now ripe to establish by treaty jointly with the Soviet Government the definitive structure of the Polish area. The Russian idea of a border line along the well-known Four-Rivers Line coincides in general with the view of the Reich Government. It was my original intention to invite Herr Molotov to Germany in order to formulate this treaty. In view of your report that the leading personages there cannot leave the Soviet Union, we agree to negotiations in Moscow. Contrary to my original purpose of entrusting you with these negotiations, I have decided to fly to Moscow myself. This particularly because in view of the full powers granted me by the F├╝hrer, thus making it possible to dispense with counter-inquiries, etc. negotiations can be brought to a speedier conclusion. In view of the general situation, my sojourn in Moscow will have to be limited to one or two days at the most. Please call on Herren Stalin and Molotov and wire me earliest proposed date.

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