The Reich Foreign Minister to the German Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Schulenburg); May 7, 1940
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Frames 203979-203980, serial 357

BERLIN, May 7, 1940.
Received Moscow, May 10, 1940.

Enclosed you will find two copies of two memoranda (1) which will be presented by our Legations in The Hague, Brussels, and Luxemburg to the Governments there on the day and hour to be indicated to you orally by the courier. [Interlinear penciled notation: May 10, 1940, 5:45 a. m., German summer time.] Until the démarche ordered below has been accomplished, the memoranda and these instructions are to be kept strictly secret and not mentioned even to any member of the Embassy.

I request that after receipt of these instructions you enter on the copies of the attached memoranda-on the last page, beneath the text-the date of the day before that on which you deliver the copies to the Government in Moscow, preferably with typewriter, or else in ink.

About 7 o'clock in the morning, German summer time, on the day mentioned to you by the courier, I request that you ask for an appointment with Molotov and then, in the course of the morning at the earliest hour convenient to him, hand him a copy of the memoranda. I request that you tell Herr Molotov that the Reich Government, in view of our friendly relations, is anxious to notify the Soviet Government of these operations in the West, which were forced upon Germany by the impending Anglo-French push on the Ruhr region by way of Belgium and Holland.

For the rest, I request that you use the viewpoints and arguments to be found in the memoranda themselves.

I request that you report by wire immediately concerning the reception accorded your mission.


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