The State Secretary in the German Foreign Office (Weizsäcker) to all German Missions; June 17, 1940
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Frame 214849, serial 407

Circular telegram

Pol. VI 1673

BERLIN, June 17, 1940.

For information and the orientation of your conversation.

The unresisted reinforcement of Russian troops in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia and the reorganization of the Governments of the Baltic States, sought by the Russian Government to bring about more reliable cooperation with the Soviet Union, are the concern of Russia and the Baltic States. Therefore, in view of our unaltered friendly relations with the Soviet Union, there is no reason for nervousness on our part, which some of the foreign press has tried to impute to us in only too transparent a manner.

Please refrain from making any statement during conversations which could be interpreted as partisan.

Please acknowledge receipt.


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