The German Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Schulenburg) to the German Foreign Office; June 24, 1940
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Frame 112246, serial 103


MOSCOW, June 24, 1940-6:49 p. m.

Received June 24, 1940-8:45 p. m.

No. 1213 of June 24

Reference my telegram No. 1212 of the 24th.

After the conclusion of our conversation of yesterday concerning Bessarabia (cf. telegram No. 1212 [1205?] of June 23d) Molotov, with obvious complacency, brought up the Tass communiqué of June 22, whereupon I expressed my appreciation.

I infer from the wording of the communiqué that Stalin himself is the author. The refutation of numerous rumors now circulating concerning differences between Germany and the Soviet Union and concerning troop concentrations in connection with Soviet operations in the Baltic region, and the unequivocal clarification of German-Soviet relations ought to be altogether to our advantage at this important juncture. However, the further aim of the communiqué, to emphasize German-Soviet solidarity as a preparation for the solution of the Bessarabian problem. is just as plain.


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