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Declaration on Terrorism Adopted by the Committee of Ministers at its 63rd Session, on 23 November 1978

Declaration on Terrorism
(Adopted by the Committee of Ministers at its 63rd Session, on 23 November 1978)

The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe,

1. Mindful of the recent increase in acts of terrorism in certain member states ;

2. Considering that the prevention and suppression of such acts are indispensable to the maintenance of the democratic structure of member states ;

3. Noting that the European Convention on the Suppression of Terrorism entered into force on 4 August 1978 ;

4. Considering that this convention represents an important contribution tot the fight against terrorism ;

5. Convinced that it is necessary further to develop and to strengthen international co-operation in this field,

I. Reaffirms the important role of the Council of Europe in the fight against terrorism as an Organisation of democratic states founded on the rule of law and committed to the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms ;

II. Emphasises the importance of the work being undertaken in the Council of Europe with a view to intensifying European co-operation in the fight against terrorism ;

III. Decides that in this work priority should be given to the examination of the following questions :

a. means of rendering existing practices of international co-operation between the competent authorities simpler and more expeditious ;

b. means of improving and speedling up the communication of information to any state concerned relating to the circumstances in which an act of terrorism was committeed , the measures taken against its author, the outcome of any judicial proceedings against him and the enforcement of any sentence passed ;

c. problems arising where acts of terrorism have been committed within the jurisdiction of several states.

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