Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume III
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Berlin W 8

Berlin 24 August 1931

My dear Mr. Rosenberg:

I am just reading in the Voelkischer Beobachter, edition 235/236, page 1, an article entitled "Does Wirth intend to come over?". The tendency of the article is to prevent on our part a crumbling away from the present form of government. I myself am travelling all over Germany to achieve exactly the opposite. May I therefore ask that my own paper will not stab me in the back with tactically unwise articles.

Persons, who are known to seek connection or are even prepared to break from the present constellation, are to be spared under all circumstances. Our fight is to be directed in the first line against the stubborn defenders of the present course and against persons who reject us.

I ask therefore the Voelkischer Beobachter as-well as the Party Press Office to pay punctilious attention to this in the interest of our work.

With German greetings,

An identical information went to Mr. Dr. Dietrich, Party Press Office

Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume III
Office of the United States Chief Counsel for Prosecution of Axis Criminality
Washington, DC : United States Government Printing Office, 1946

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