Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume III
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The Deputy of the Fuehrer Staff
Munich 33, The Brown House April 25, 1941
III D-Schw, 1180/0
Chancellery Rosenberg
Receipt No. 4746 Urg 5 May 41
Submitted to the RL on
May 6

To the Fuehrer's Commissioner for the Supervision of the entire mental and world-philosophical training and education of the NSDAP

Berlin W 35, Margaretenstrasse 17

Subject: National Socialist School Services

We are inducing schools more and more to reduce and abolish religious morning services. Similarly, the confessional and general prayers in several parts of the Reich have already been replaced by national socialist mottos. I would be grateful to know your opinion on a future national socialist morning service instead of the present confessional morning services which are usually conducted once per week.

Should those services be held at designated times, that is once per week or once every other week, or should they only be held at special occasions? I would further appreciate your advice on whether you have prepared concrete suggestions for the arrangement of such national socialist school services. If so I would be grateful to receive them.

Copy to Party member Scheller 5 April 41 complied
Dr. Stellbrechtstang complied 6 April
Heil Hitler!
signed: KRUEGER [?]

Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume III
Office of the United States Chief Counsel for Prosecution of Axis Criminality
Washington, DC : United States Government Printing Office, 1946

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