Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume IV
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Acceptance of members of the Security Police into the SS of the N.S.D.A.P. of 23 June 1938.
Ministerial-Blatt of the Reich and Prussian Ministries of the Interior, Berlin, 1938

No. 28, p. 1090

Appointments, Wages, Maintenance, Service Regulations

Circular of the Reichsfuehrer SS and Chief of the German Police in the Reich Ministry of the Interior for 23.6.1938-S-V 3 No. 72/38
The The Corresponds to the Criminal-assistant aspirant in preparatory service [Kriminal-assist-Aniv. im Verbereitungsvienst] Criminal-Assistant aspirant [Kriminal-Assist-Aniv] Criminal assistant [Kriminal-Assist] Chief Criminal Assistant. [Krim-Oberassist] Criminal secretary [Krim-Sekretar] Criminal district secretary [Krim-Bez. Sekretar] Criminal inspector [Krim-Inspektor] Criminal commissar up to 15 years of service [Krim-Kommissar] Criminal commissar with over 15 years of service [Krim-Kommissar] Criminal counsellor [Krim-Rat] up to 15 years of service. Criminal counsellor with over 15 years of service [Krim-Rat] Criminal director [Krim-Direktor] Government and criminal counsellor [Reg. u. Krim-Rat] Government counsellor first class and criminal counsellor. [Oberreg.-und Krim.-Rat] Government and criminal director [Reg.-und Krim.-Direktor] Reich-criminal director [Reichskrim-Direktor] Office helper [Amtsgehilfe Betenmeister] Superintendant [Hausmeister] Police office assistant. [Pol-Buereassist] Police-Prison-Technical Sergeant. [Poli-Gefaengnisoberwachtm] Police-Prison-Master Sergeant [Pol-Gefaengnis-Hauptwachtm] Police-secretary [Pol-Sekretar] Office-Secretary [Kanzleisekretaer] Police secretary first class [Pol-Obersekretaer] Technical secretary [Techn-Sekretaer] Ministerial registrator [Min-Registrator] Police inspector [Pol-Inspektor] Assessor [Assessor] Police inspector [Pol-Inspektor] with 300 Reichsmark additional salary. Police inspector first class [Pol-Oberinspektor] Government-Assessor [Reg-Assessor] Police counsellor up to 15 years of service. [Pol-Rat] Police counsellor with over 15 years of service. [Pol-Rat] Office-counsellor [Amtsrat] Government-counsellor [Reg-Rat] Government counsellor first class [Oberreg-Rat] Government director [Reg-Direktor] Ministerial counsellor [Min-Rat] SS Sergeant [SS Unterscharfuehrer] SS-Staff Sergeant [SS-Scharfuehrer] SS-Technical Sergeant. [SS-Oberscharfuehrer] SS-Master Sergeant [SS Hauptscharfuehrer] SS-Lieutenant [SS-Untersturmfuehrer] SS-First Lieutenant [SS-Obersturmfuehrer] SS-Captain [SS-Hauptsturmfuehrer] SS-Major [SS-Sturmbannfuehrer] SS-Lieutenant Colonel [SS-Obersturmbannfuehrer] SS-Colonel [SS-Standartenfuehrer]

With the aim of fusing members of the German Police with the "Schutzstaffel" of the National Socialist German Workers Party into one uniformly turned out State Protective Corps [Staatsschutzkorps] of the National Socialist Reich, I decree as follows:

I. (1) Members of the Security Police can upon request be received into the Schutzstaffel of the NSDAP if they

1. fulfill the general requirements of the SS and

2. a. Up to 30.1.1933 (inclusive) have been members of the NSDAP or of its affiliates (the Sturmabteilung, the National Socialist Motor Corps, the Hitler Youth) even if they have meanwhile honorably resigned from these affiliates.


b. for a static period [seit einem . . . liegenden Zeitpunkt] before 30.1.1933 were sponsoring members of the SS [Foerderndes Mitglied]


c. Have seen service for at least three years in the Security Police under the direction of the Reichsfuehrer SS and have proven themselves.

(2) Permit for admission of a wider circle of persons I reserve for myself.

(3) Admission according to the general requirements is not affected by this circular.

II. 1. Upon transfer into the SS, the grade held in the police will be changed to a corresponding one in the SS. Former members of the SS, SA, NSKK (National Socialist Drivers Corps) who held a higher rank, will be incorporated with the same high rank. When promoted within the security police, an assimilation of ranks will take place in every case.

3. I myself will make decisions about incorporation of members of the security police with higher ranks.

4. The employees of the security police will be put into that SS rank which corresponds to their rank as civil servant, according to their jobs.

5. Members of the security police incorporated into the SS up to the publication of these ordinances will be promoted to the SS rank corresponding to their police rank, provided they do not already hold such, or a higher SS rank.

III. 1. Members of the security police incorporated into the SS will be assigned to the units of the security service of the Reichsfuehrer-SS, according to more detailed instructions of the chief of the security police and of the security main office of the Reichsfuehrer-SS.

2. The chief of the security police and of the security main office regulates the SS-service relations [Dienstverhaltnisse] and obligations of the members of the security police who were incorporated into the SS.

IV. 1. The applications of members of the security police for admission to the SS are to be directed to the chief of the security police through service channels.

2. The applications are to be submitted according to the following sample:


(Place and date)

I herewith request admission to the security service of the Reichsfuehrer-SS in conformity with the circular of the Reichsfuehrer-SS and Chief of the German police in the Ministry of the Interior of June 23rd, 1938-S.V.3 number 72/38 (R M Bli V. page 1089)

First and last name:______________________________________________
(rank and office)

Day, month and year of birth:_____________________________________

Place of birth:___________________________________________________

Party membership number, district [Ortsgruppe]:___________________

Last SS-, SA-, NSKK or HJ rank and number, last SS, SA-, respectively HJ district [Dienststelle]:___________________________________________________

Separated from the SS etc. on the_________________________________
(with indication, whether transferred directly to the police, or, if otherwise, which service relations in the meantime)

Day of joining the NSDAP, SS, SA, HJ______________________________

Helping member [Foerderndes Mitglied] of the SS since:____________

Working in the security police since:_____________________________

To The Chief of the security police through channels.

V. This circular is to be brought to the attention of all members of the security police.

To the Reichsstatthalter, the state governments, the Reichscommissioner for the Saarland, the Prussian supreme and government presidents, the office of the secret state police [Gestapo], the Reich criminal police office [Reichskrim-Pol-Amt], the federal police main offices [Staatspol-Leitstellen] and federal police office [Staatspol-Stellen], the criminal police main offices [Krim-Pol. Leitstellen] and criminal police offices [Krim-Pol Stellen], the commander of the leaderschool of the security police [Kommandeur der Fuehrerschule der Sicherheitspol].

To the SS main office, the main office for security [Sicherheitshauptamt], the security service leaders [SD-Fuehrer] of the higher levels of the SS [SS-Oberabschnitte] and the security service lower levels [SD-Unterabschnitte].

by copy.
Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume IV
Office of the United States Chief Counsel for Prosecution of Axis Criminality
Washington, DC : United States Government Printing Office, 1946

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