Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume IV
Document No. 1969-PS

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Subject: Ottilienheim Absberg.

Dr. Hefelmann, Berlin, informed me by telephone that the transfer of the sick from the Ottilienheim was not carried out by the directive of Berlin, but by the directive from the Bavarian State Ministry, Munich, Regierungsrat Gaum.

Furthermore, he told me, that the bearer of sovereignty [Hoheitstraeger] could not be included, since the regulation does not call for that.

Nurnberg, 5 March 1941.
/s/ Sellmer
/t/ Sellmer

Gau Staff Office Sel/Pf.
5 March 1941

To the Kreisleiter Party Member Michael Gerstner Weissenburg/Bavaria

Subject: Your letter of 24 Feb 1941

Alarm of the population of Absberg.

The Reich Office [Reichsstelle], Berlin, informs me that the transfer of the sick from the Ottilienheim was not carried out by Berlin, but by Munich. Therefore, I have now turned to Munich. In the meantime, I have found from the Regierungspraesident that we also raised a complaint against the ways and means of the treatment of the sick. I therefore hope, that such cross mistakes will not occur in the future.

Heil Hitler
S 297/11
[Initial: Semmler]

NB: The specialist [Sachbearbeiter] for Bavaria is Regierungsrat Gaum in the Bavarian State Ministry in Munich. If possible we should get in touch with him. Regierungsrat Gaum will see to it, that the institutions will be cleared out as soon as possible.

Berlin, 31 Dec 1940 NW 7, Unter den Linden 72
Telephone: Local 120034
Long Distance 120037
Teletype: Local 517
Long Distance K 1517
Cable Address: Reichsinnenminister [Rubber Stamp] Kreisleiter Informed
Reichministry of the Interior Ministerial Dr. Linden. Iog 7633/40/5100.
It is requested, to mention this official designation and subject in any further correspondence.
[Red pencil] S.6.I.41

To the Gaustabsamtsleiter, Heinrich Sellmer in Nurnberg, Gauleitung

My dear party member Sellmer!

I forward in the enclosure an incident, which deals with the affair about which you have been informed by party member Blanicenburg from the Fuehrer's chancellery. As you can see in the application of Mrs. Marie Kehr, the latter would like to have information whether it is possible by a law of the Reich, to relieve people from their incurable sufferings. I request that you investigate, whether Kehr is politically reliable, especially whether she does not have church connections. In case this should not be so, from my side, there are no misgivings, if you give kehr the desired information orally.

Heil Hitler!
/s/ Linden

In Ink
Ortsgruppenleiter Party member Popp is of the opinion, that one can inform Mrs. Kehr. She is calm and circumspect.

S 7 Jan 1941
297/21 2 DM
Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume IV
Office of the United States Chief Counsel for Prosecution of Axis Criminality
Washington, DC : United States Government Printing Office, 1946

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