Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume IV
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Issue 423, 22 June 1933, of "NSK". National Socialist Party Press Agency, [NSK, Pressedienst der NSDAP-the official news agency of the NSDAP]. Edited by Wilhelm Weiss. Responsible for communications of the Reich Press Office. Dr. Otto Dietrich, reich Press chief. Published by Franz Eher Successor, Munich.

The Youth Leader of the German Reich, Baldur von Schirach, has published the following order:


1. The greater German League [Grossdeutscher Bund], together with its sub- and member organizations, is dissolved as of 17 June 1933. The property of the Greater German League and of the affiliated sub- and member organizations is to be secured. Thus, along with the Greater German League the following have been dissolved:

1. Free Band of the Young Nation [Freischar Junger Nation].

2. German Free Band [Deutsche Freischar].

3. German Boy Scout League [Deutscher Pfadfinderbund].

4. The Geuses [Die Geusen].

5. Community Circle of german Boy Scouts [Ringgemeinschaft deutscher Pfadfinder].

6. Circle of German Boy Scout Districts [Ring deutscher Pfadfindergaue].

7. German Boy Scout Corps [Deutsches Pfadfinderkorps].

8. Free Bank of Protestant Boy Scouts [Freischar evangelischer Pfadfinder].

2. The Reich Committee of German Youth Associations [Reichsausschuss der deutschen Jugendverbaende] is dissolved herewith. Previous tasks of the Reich Committee will be taken over into the expanded sphere of tasks of the Youth Leadership of the German Reich.

3. All Youth Organizations in Germany are to be reported to the Youth Leader of the German Reich (Berlin NW 40, 10, Kronprinzenufer, Department for Organizations). Youth Organizations which have not reported, or reported only incompletely, by 15 July 1933, are to be considered as dissolved. It is expressly emphasized that the term "Youth Organizations" also comprises such organizations which are groups within adult organizations. The reports are to be submitted by the top leadership of individual youth organizations for the entire organization. Insofar as the youth groups of adult organizations do not have centralized youth leadership, the leadership of the adult organization is obligated to submit the report.

It is mandatory that the report contain:

1. name of the society (with accurate information about the legal status of the society);

2. board of directors of the society (accurate information about name, residence, and telephone number (if applicable);

3. information relative to person authorized to represent the society;

4. office of the society (telephone);

5. banking and postal checking accounts of the society, with indication who is authorized to sign for the society there;

6. accurate membership figures with indication when the figures were ascertained;

7. statutes of the society;

8. information about the organizational structure of the society, insofar as they are not contained in the statutes;

9. information about chairmen of districts, regions, states, or similar subdivisions;

4. The tasks of the Youth Leader of the German Reich must be accomplished partially with the help of contributions of affiliated organizations. The amount of contributions will be fixed in the very near future.

Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume IV
Office of the United States Chief Counsel for Prosecution of Axis Criminality
Washington, DC : United States Government Printing Office, 1946

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