Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume IV
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The Employment of Security Police Inspectors
[Pages 1343, 1344]

Circular Decree by the Reich and Prussian Minister of the Interior dated 20.9.1936.

Police Special Order 1. 7/36 g (already promulgated)

1. With effect from 1.10.1936 I am appointing Security Police Inspectors to the Prussian Provinces and the States of Baden, Bavaria, Wuerttemberg and Saxony. Detailed decrees to follow.

2. The duties to be undertaken by these Inspectors and entailed by their appointment are laid down in the appended Service Directives for Security Police Inspectors.

3. A special decree will be promulgated regarding the appointment of Security Police Inspectors to the remaining States.

To the State Governments (for Prussia: to the Prussian Ministerpraesident), the Ober & Regierungs-Praesidente, to the Gestapo Office in Berlin, to the State Political Head Offices, to the State Political Offices.

Police Special Order 1.

Circular Decree of 20.9.1936 272/36


Service Directive for Security Police Inspectors

1. The special duties of the Security Police necessitate the closest and most sympathetic co-operation with the central Offices of the General and Interior Administrations of the Provinces and States as well as with the Gauleiters of the NSDAP and the Armed Forces Authorities.

2. The Security Police Inspectors are to foster this co-operation. Especially are they to keep in the closest contact with the Oberpraesident and/or the Ministry of the Interior of their area and to keep them informed of all important occurrences, all essential reports and observations of the Security Police and where necessary stimulate the authorities of the Interior Administration and eliminate any difficulties which may arise.

3. The Security Police Inspectors are personally and immediately subordinate to the Oberpraesidente and/or Staatsminister of the Interior and are to follow his directives. Should these directives not be in accordance with the general and special Orders and Directions of the Chief of Security Police and should it be impossible to reach an agreement, then the Chief of Security Police is to be referred to for a decision.

4. The inspectors are furthermore charged with the task of supervising the execution in their area of any Decrees issued by the Chief of Security Police. They are to ensure that the Gestapo and the Civil Police are organized on the same basis. Any difficulties arising are to be reported to the chief of Security Police together with suggestions as to how they may be overcome.

Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume IV
Office of the United States Chief Counsel for Prosecution of Axis Criminality
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