Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume IV
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The Reich Commissioner for the Ostland [Baltic countries and White Russia]

Dept. III Labor policy and social Administration
Riga, 3 May 1943
Labor Group Labor Mobilization 2 F 1/4 b. 1 (O) Kue Ty

To the Commissioner General in Riga

[stamp] Commissioner General Dept. Social Administration 8 May 1943 in Riga 2]

Re: Recruiting of Manpower in the Baltic Countries for the Reich territories; here: New quotas agreed upon with GBA Gauleiter Sauckel on 21 April 1943.

In reference to the basic statements of the Plenipotentiary General for manpower, Gauleiter Sauckel, on the occasion of his visit to Riga on 21 April 1943, and in view of the critical situation and in disregard of all contrary considerations, it was decided that a total of 183,000 workers have to be supplied from the Ostland for the Reich territory. This task must absolutely be accomplished within the next four months and at the latest must be completed by the end of August. The following sub-quotas have been established:

White Ruthenia: 30,000 youthful workers and 100,000 workers including families.

Of the families only members capable of productive work will be counted. All persons 10 years old and up are considered as productive manpower.

Lithuania: 15,000 female workers.
15,000 male workers.
10,000 productive workers from about 2 to 3,000 families

Latvia: 10,000 female workers, no male workers

Estonia: 3,000 female workers, no male workers

For the benefit of volunteers [Hilfswilligen] no male manpower will be recruited in Latvia and Estonia. For Estonia also in favor of the Legion.

All permissible means shall be used to obtain the manpower from White Ruthenia. Do not hesitate to apply unusual measures.

In Lithuania the 15,000 men shall be taken from the current recruitment of the year groups 19 to 24. The placement of the manpower for the Reich, excluding volunteers should be one half for the Baltic countries' own requirements and one half for Reich requirements. In case the number of 15,000 workers cannot be thus obtained, the year groups 12 to 18 shall be recruited until this number has been reached.

The 15,000 female workers shall be obtained from the year groups of 20 to 25. For this purpose the release of 10% of the women from factories suitable for this purpose, even outside of the age limits set, has been contemplated. The recruitment of females of the year groups 20 to 25 will follow the examination of males of the year groups 19 to 24.

Furthermore, the recruitment of about 2 to 3,000 families from Lithuania is contemplated, which should contain a total of 10,000 productive workers.

In consideration of local requirements and the already accomplished recruiting for the Legion and volunteers and of those volunteers still to be provided by means of re-examining the year groups 19 to 24, the recruitment of male manpower in Latvia has been dispensed with.

The 10,000 female workers will be recruited from the year groups 20 to 25. Here also a release of 10% from factories is provided for, should the age limits fail to provide sufficient workers.

Estonia will provide 3,000 women, also to be recruited from the year groups 20 to 25, or by release from factories. Otherwise the same applies as for Latvia.

To these workers I have promised the following special social advantages:

1. Limited engagement, generally 2 years' duration.

2. Granting of furloughs and return of families according to the general regulations for foreigners in the Reich.

3. Appointment of special trustees of the same nationality for the female workers.

4. Granting of special diplomas for services rendered in war work in the Reich.

In order to accomplish these measures I have sent a decree, of which a copy is enclosed, to the President of the employment offices. Furthermore, I have asked the Labor Mobilization Office of the German Labor Front, in a letter of which a copy is also enclosed, to arrange for the appointment of special trustees of the same nationality.

Please take notice of this, inform my special purpose staffs (Einsatzstaebe) accordingly, and take care of the immediate placing of the manpower.

On this occasion I shall like to point out that in the past year the enclosed leaflet was used in hiring Lithuanian manpower. Since this pamphlet contains inaccuracies, please see to it that it is no longer used for recruiting purposes. In view of the explanations in my enclosed decree to the Presidents of provincial labor offices, I do not believe it necessary to provide a special leaflet for Plant-Managers. I refer to your report of 25 March 1943 and to my letter of 14 April 1943-5783. 28/148-about which I should like to have your opinion soon. By reason of a suggestion of the German Labor Front, I should furthermore like to know whether you consider it necessary to conclude individual work-contracts for the workers from the districts (Generalbezirke) of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

Copy sent to take notice with reference to the oral consultations in Riga.

Signed: Sauckel

[seal] Certified: Mueller Clerk

(sig:) Reinkmann
19 June 1943
Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume IV
Office of the United States Chief Counsel for Prosecution of Axis Criminality
Washington, DC : United States Government Printing Office, 1946

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