Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume IV
Document No. 2333-PS

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Police Presidium, Nurnberg-Fuerth
Protective Police [Schutzpolizei]
3rd Police District
Nurnberg, 29 Dec. 1941

To Frau Elise Herrmann, Nurnberg, Juvenllestr. No. 26

Your husband, Karl Herrmann, died of an infection in the concentration camp, Flossenbuerg, on December 28, 1941.

The corpse cannot be inspected because of the danger of infection.

The cremation will take place in the crematory of Flossenbuerg.

The Secret State Police Office
/s/ Mueller

Authenticated [illegible]
District Police Lt.

No. 7/1942

The baker Karl Herrmann, Lutheran Religion

Residence: Flossenbuerg Concentration Camp died on 28 December 1941 at 1400 hours in Flossenbuerg Concentration Camp

The deceased was born 24 November 1873 in Wasertruedingen.

The deceased was married to Elise, nee Steiner, Nurnberg.

Flossenbuerg, 2 January 1942

[Stamp of Registrar, Flossenbuerg/Oberpfalz]

The Registrar:
/s/ Jaum
Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume IV
Office of the United States Chief Counsel for Prosecution of Axis Criminality
Washington, DC : United States Government Printing Office, 1946

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