Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume IV
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Organization Office

Chief Directorate of the Political Organization [P.O.] National Socialist Factory Cells Organization.

Berlin W., 27 June 1933
Luetzowufer 18, II

SPECIAL CIRCULAR on the Securing of the Associations of the German Labor Front [DAF] Against Hidden Marxist Sabotage.
To all:

Leaders of Worker and Employee Associations of the DAF Regional [Bezirke],
District [Kreis] and Local Chapter Directorate [Ortsgruppenleitungen] of the Worker and Employee Associations of the DAF,
Regional Leaders of the DAF,
Regional Leaders of German industry


National Socialist Works Organization [N.S.B.O.] of
"Landes" Representatives of the NSDAP
"Gau" Factory Cell Leaders of the NSDAP
District Factory Cell Leaders of the NSDAP
Local Chapter Factory Workers [Ortsgruppenbetriebswarte] of the NSDAP in Berlin and the Reich.

Main Archives of the NSDAP
Entered in the index of books
3 A/C current No. A-202.

Dear Party comrades.

The Situation

Today the third SA-man from Berlin has died, following on the burial yesterday, with the greatest ceremony, of his two comrades. The murderer was a Marxist trade union member.-A few days ago SA-men were fired at by Marxists in two other cities of the Reich.-Enemy aircraft dropped revolutionary Marxist leaflets over Berlin.-Shortly before the final edition of today's local newspapers came out, it became known that a gigantic new scandal of corruption has been discovered in a land settlement society. The former Marxist "Gau" chairman of the Textile Workers' Union [Textilarbeiter-Verbandes] has been arrested as the chief swine and money maker. In Silesia signs have been discovered of a secret Marxist organization (Communist Party).

This is a small selection of daily events, chosen at random. Marxists as murderers, Marxists as inciters to corruption, Marxists as foreign agents, Marxists as conspirators against the state and its institutions. The notorious enemies of the state are opposed by the great mass of honest German workers who fight for work and bread. For fourteen years the "labor leaders" of Prague, Paris, Amsterdam, Warsaw gave to the millions of German workers stones instead of bread, servitude to a foreign political system instead of liberty. The 30th January, 5th March, 2nd May, 22nd June finally struck one weapon after the other out of the hands of this "Fuehrer" mob [gesindel]. The force and thoroughness of the National Socialist coups [Aktionen] made those who did not disappear into concentration camps creep into every dark corner.

They Played Dead.

However, now the generosity of National Socialism towards its adversaries, which was rightly mentioned by party comrade Dr. Ley in one of the last decrees of the DAF leaders, seems to have encouraged them to new treasonable activities from the darkness. There is much to indicate this. Here is just a small sample from a report submitted by the Gestapo, Berlin:

The functionaries of the free trade unions have received instructions to dismiss the assertions of the National Socialist Works Organization regarding the former embezzlement of union funds as slanderous. What is aimed at is permanent agitation on a considerable scale, particularly with the cooperation of the treasurers of the Social Democrat Party. All trade union members who have joined the National Socialist Works Organization so as not to lose their jobs are registered with full details and then visited by functionaries in their homes. An attempt is being made to group together all "class-conscious" workers who reject Fascism. The aim is to keep the trade unions as fighting organs in spite of National Socialist leadership. The old trade union leaders are convinced even today that there is no suitable soil in Germany for the plant of Fascism; nevertheless every effort should be made to shorten its existence.

These new working methods are contrived on the instructions of the international association of trade unions with which the leading German trade unionists are, as ever, in close contact. In short, the activity of the functionaries of the Marxist parties and Trades Unions is becoming more and more effective [aktiv].

They want again, although of course considerably weakened, to use as a spring board the countless millions of German workers who long for work and bread. They shoot their arrows from ambush, try to organize themselves illegally, and now and then even assume a cynical and impertinent attitude. But they must have got a totally wrong idea of us! We are awake! As new and qualified leaders of the workers and employees of the DAF and as political officials [Amtswalter] of the victorious National Socialist Works Organization, the sword of the DAF, and finally also the old, confirmed National Socialists who are accustomed to persecution, in all the leading and authoritative positions of the DAF, are, thank God, guarantees that the doings of our enemies come to naught.

Since we know that, we act accordingly. Our aim is:

1. Expulsion of the last leading Marxist from all units of the associations of the "German Labour Front";

2. Therefore no softness, no false belief that we can "convert" them, since they hate us from the very bottom of their hearts and because Marxist bigwigs [Bonzen] can never be converted;

3. No more financial settlements, no respecting of all their dishonestly made agreements;

4. Close observation and a close check on their private activities, for they carry on propaganda against the state under the cloak of honest citizens;

5. See to it that they are regarded by the people as outlaws who really deserved to be hanged;

6. Have close observation instituted in the factories;

7. Finally do everything that helps the German workers and the German employees but cuts off the deposed Marxist big-wigs from every type of activity hostile to the state.

We have one aim only; to unite the whole of German labour in a mighty block of workers for the blessing of the people and state. Adolf Hitler is the protector [Schirmheer] of the DAF-that explains everything.

The Marxists, at home and abroad, have also one aim only; to annihilate National Socialism and thus create chaos in Germany, nay, in Europe. The fronts are thus clear. The law of the National Socialist revolution demands therefore not only unceasing toil, but fast work at this very moment. Therefore the following orders are issued.


For the "General Association [Gesamtverband] of German Workers" of the DAF

1. The organization office of the DAF is drawing up a "List of Outlaws" [Geaechteten]

which is valid for the entire Reich and in which the names of all those Marxist trade union "big-wigs" [Bonze] will be included, who have carried on in the past and are still carrying on the most furious struggle against National Socialism and are continuing it in secret. Anyone on the "list of Outlaws", will not be given work in the future. All organizations which have any vital connection with German industry are being sent this printed list, in order to prevent any of these traitors to the workers from returning to the factories by crooked means and possibly continuing their mutinous activity there.

In this connection, the Association leaders [Verbandsleiter] of the "General union [Gesamtverband] of German Workers" of the DAF will issue detailed executive instructions.

2. No treasurer (or person holding similar office) in the associations may be a Marxist because these persons have the greatest opportunity of forming illegal nucleus groups. It goes without saying that suspicious treasurers, who can of course continue their former activities in spite of the fact that they no longer have the right to collect subscriptions, should be constantly watched.

3. The local group associations [Verbandsortssgruppe] are to be filled up as soon as possible with the members of other associations or groups who have been brought into line (Christian, former yellow, Evangelic, and Catholic workers unions, etc.) so that the block of "free" association members which has up to now been a closed community, may be split up. Public places known to have been frequented by the Social Democrat, Reichsbanner, or Communist Party, may no longer be used as meeting places of the local group association [Verbandsortsgruppen].


For the General Association [Gesamtverband] of German employees of the DAF.

It is above all the Catholic party leaders whom the Trade Unions have taken over who should be removed from the associations, those men who, it has been ascertained, are maintaining their connections with political Catholicism just as they always have. They are dangerous because they simulate submission and cheerful cooperation while in reality they wantonly hold up our work of reconstruction and make no secret of it among themselves. For example, here is one of many reports from our intelligence service:

"On Sunday, 23 April, at 11 A. M. in the Vincent-House at Breslau a meeting of the Christian trade unions was held to which all the representatives of the authorities were invited. The report was given by the Chief Editor of the "Deutsche", Wiedfeld of Berlin. The meeting came to an end about 1:00 p. m. and closed with the National Anthem. In the afternoon the delegates from the province assembled to discuss the report in the absence of the representatives of the various authorities. No comment was permitted on Herr Wiedfeld's report in the morning, in order to appear in a good light in the eyes of the representatives of the authorities, and this was expressly stated by the chairman of the afternoon meeting. The lively discussion showed immediately the methods followed and the goal aimed at by the Christian Trades Union. Violent attacks were launched against the present Reich Cabinet [Reichsregierung]. A representative of the Christian Trade Union attacked the Reich Chancellor, asserting that Adolf Hitler would never allow the leaders of the Christian Trade Unions to voice their opinions.

Then they spoke of the National Socialist Works Organization and pulled it to pieces. Citing a number of examples they went on to make further attacks on the Reich Cabinet and the National Socialist Works Organization. First the Government was attacked; they said, for instance, that cars were left free of tax, while a great tax was levied on margarine and thus the standard of living of the poor was lowered. There had never been so much holiday work in upper Silesia as under the present Government. They declared that the NSDAP will have the surprise of its life in Autumn, when the people will have nothing to eat, they will then take to open fighting and destroy National Socialism in the same way as the Socialist Party has been destroyed today. We dealt with 1918 (i.e. Christian trade union) and will deal with the Nazis too. One must be on one's guard against Minister Goering, for this fellow is heading straight for Dictatorship. It is important to keep a good watch on the National Socialist Works Organization, inform the people of every mistake and explain to the people that the Nazis are completely unable to carry out what they say."

This "Christian", sabotage applies of course also to the Workers' Associations.


For the branches [Gliederungen] of the National Socialist Works Organizations

1. The National Socialist Works Organization is above all the security organ of the entire German Labour Front, i.e. it has to protect day and night the great work of our slowly progressing unification of all German workers and prevent any kind of sabotage. This is carried out in two ways:

a. Through the already National Socialist Works Organization officials [Amtswalter] in the associations themselves and

b. By keeping a watch on factories, houses and public places which appear suspicious to us, by means of NS B. O. patrols drawn from the "Gau" and District [Kreis] factory cell-divisions [Betriebszellenabteilung] and the local group factory wardens [Ortsgruppenbietriebsuarte] detailed instructions will be issued later to the Gau factory cell divisions direct.

2. However, the branches of the National Socialist Works Organization must themselves be subjected to a thorough purge of members because their rapid growth has brought us many unreliable elements.

It is only the man who pledges his life-time unreservedly, unselfishly, and devotedly to the fight for the rise of German labour (brain and manual workers), and thus for the whole people, who should be a member of the National Socialist Works Organization. But any man who has joined the National Socialist Works Organization on the chance of amassing wealth, or has regarded his membership as a safeguard against losing his job, etc., in short, any man who has joined this fighting body [Kampftruppe] for material reasons, must leave it. The man who was a Marxist only yesterday and fought openly against us, but today will have nothing more to do with it, must also leave. These are nothing but dangerous disruptive elements [Spaltpilze] who poison morale when it comes to tests of endurance.

It would be a definite benefit for the National socialist works organization if quite 100,000 of our most recent members leave our ranks. The Gau factory cell leaders [Gau-Betriebszellenleiter] must therefore issue orders to this effect.

3. Herewith an order is issued effective until further notice, prohibiting National Socialist Works Organization officials [Amtswalter] and/or ordinary members beyond the N.S.W.O. membership number 450,000, from holding any positions whatever in the associations of the German Labour front. The new members do not yet possess that degree of suitability for leadership which we must demand for the great tasks which have to be accomplished in these associations.

Care has been taken that those "freshmen" who are not needed as officials [Amtswalter] in the National Socialist Works Organization or in the associations, are thoroughly familiarized by rapid courses with National socialist ideas, so that they can then be employed.

4. All positions on factory and employee counselors' councils in Germany must be filled by National Socialists. There must no longer be any factory in which Marxists or "Christians" hold the leading positions. Orders should therefore be given immediately that Communist and Catholic factory or employee councils who are still holding office should be dismissed. To prevent this being carried out in a wild and undisciplined manner, it is laid down that the responsible Regional leader of the German Labour Front, in conjunction with the Gau Director of Factory cells should from time to time, decide on the necessary orders (in agreement with the Regional leader of German industry).

The above schemes [Ausfuehrungen] and orders are to be put into effect immediately with proven National Socialist thoroughness. No pardon to the enemy but stake all for the victory of the National Socialist revolution.

Signed Muchow
Director of the Office of the Organization of the German Labour Front and Deputy Director of the National Socialist Works Organization of the Political Organization of the N.S.D.A.P.
Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume IV
Office of the United States Chief Counsel for Prosecution of Axis Criminality
Washington, DC : United States Government Printing Office, 1946

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