Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume IV
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1936 REICH MINISTERIAL GAZETTE [RMBl]-Part V, Pages 1344-5

Unified designation of the Offices of the Secret State Police in the Reich (Decree of RF-SS and Chief of German Police in the Reich Ministry of Interior 28 August 36)

After the Reichsfuehrer SS was installed as Chief of the German Police, the unified direction of all branches of the police and also the designation of the offices must become pronounced.

The greatest differences existed previously among the individual states [Laender] in the field of the political police. At present there are 17 different designations. The unified form of the credentials of the officials of the political police calls for a unified designation of their offices in order to eliminate confusion and misunderstanding among outsiders. Also the simplification of the business transactions calls for assimilation.

1. Therefore the political police of the German states will carry the designation of Secret State Police [Geheime Staatspolizei] from 1 October 1936 on.

2. The state central authorities of the Secret State Police carry the designation

a. in Prussia:

Secret State Police Bureau [Geheime Staatspolizeiamt]

b. in the rest of the state:

State police main office [Staatspolizeileitstelle] or State police office (Staatspolizeistelle)

and so

in Baden State police main office Karlsruhe
in Bayern State police main office Munich
in Wuerttenburg State police main office Stuttgart
in Sachsen State police main office Dresden
in Anhalt State police office Dessau
in Braunschweig State police office Braunschweig
in Bremen State police office Bremen
in Hamburg State police office, Hamburg
in Hessen State police office Darmstadt
in Luebeck State police office Luebeck
in Mecklenburg State police office Schwerin
in Oldenburg State police office Oldenburg
in Thueringen State police office Weimar

The state police directive offices have the tasks of a state police office for the area of their jurisdiction, a final regulation hereon is withheld.

To the Prussian secret state police office in Berlin, the political police of the exterior Prussian states. -For information to the Prussian Ministry President as chief of the Prussian secret state police, the state cabinet of exterior Prussia, the main office Ordnungs-Police, the Prussian state criminal police office in Berlin, the Prussian Supreme and Government President.

Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume IV
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