Minutes of the Sixth Meeting of the International Commission

Minutes of the Sixth Meeting of the International Commission Held in Berlin on October 5,1938

The chairman opened the meeting at 7 p.m. He reported that the small committee had agreed on a demarcation line indicated on the map before the Commission. The area included by this demarcation line would be occupied by German troops by October 10.

The Italian Ambassador put forward two suggestions:

1. The two areas of the zone to be occupied, which are intersected by a Czechoslovak railway line, should be occupied as late as possible within the thee days available.

2. German and Czechoslovak railway authorities should enter into direct negotiations in order to maintain rail traffic and thus secure food supplies for the opulation in these sectors.

The chairman of subcommittee B defined the decision by saying that direct negotiations should be opened between the German and Czechoslovak railway rities only for those areas which were situated in or adjacent to the areas to be occupied.

The French Ambassador wished to know what was meant by the words "by October 10" in the Munich Agreement, whether they meant by October 10 inclusive or exclusive.

The chairman confirmed that the meaning of the test was that the occupation must be carried out by October 10 inclusive.

The French Ambassador read his proposal for a press communique. The proposal was adopted and the Commission adjourned until 12 noon on Thursday, October 6.

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