Munich Agreement Aftermath - The Charge d'Affaires Czechoslovakia to the Czechoslovak Minister of Foreign Affairs

No. 1

The Charge d'Affaires Czechoslovakia to the Czechoslovak Minister of Foreign Affairs (1)

PRAGUE, September 30, 1938. YOUR EXCELLENCY: On the instructions of my Government I have the honor to transmit in the enclosure the text of an agreement, together with the additional protocol, which was signed at Munich on September 29 between the German Chancellor, the British Prime Minister, the Head of the Italian Government, and the French Premier(2).

At the same time I take the opportunity to inform Your Excellency that the Government of the German Reich invites the Czechoslovak Government to send an authorized representative and a military expert to a meeting of the International Commission provided for in article 3 of the enclosed agreement, to be held at 5 p.m. on Friday, September 30,1938, in the Foreign Ministry, Berlin, with Baron von Weizsacker, State Secretary of the Foreign Ministry, in the chair.

I take this opportunity to assure Your Excellency of my highest regard.



(1) Kamil Krofta, Foreign Minister in the Hodza Cabinet and the first Cabinet of General Syrovy, February 1936-October 1938. Back

(2) The German Charge d'Affaires in Prague, Hencke, reported by telegram that he had handed over the text of the Munich Agreement and the accompanying note to Dr. Krofta at 6: 20 a.m. on Sept. 30. At 12: 50 p.m. he was informed by the Czechoslovak Foreign Ministry that the Czechs would be represented at the session of the International Commission that afternoon by Mastny the Czechoslovak Minister in Berlin, and by General Husarek of the General Staff. The Czech delegates arrived in Berlin by special aircraft in time to participate in the second part of the session (28/17856 and 28/17852-53). For text of Munich Agreement, see vol. II, document No. 675. Back

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