Munich Agreement Aftermath - The Charge d'Affaires in Czechoslovakia to the Foreign Ministry

No. 3

The Charge d'Affaires in Czechoslovakia to the Foreign Ministry


No. 523 of September 30

PRAGUE, September 30, 1938 9:00 p.m.
Received October 1-12: 20 a.m.

The Italian Minister here (1) gave me the following information regarding today's demarches by the Ministers of Italy, Britain,(2) and France.(3) He personally had received orders from his Government early this morning to see either the President of the Republic in person or some other high Czechoslovak official and to advise him urgently to accept the Munich agreements and to avoid incidents of any kind during the evacuation of the Sudeten-German area. As the President was at the Council of Ministers, he was received by Samakt, Chief of the Presidential Chancellery, who promised to convey his recommendation to Benes at once. On this occasion the Italian Minister also conveyed the wish of the Ambassadors in Berlin of Italy, Britain, and France that Minister Mastny (4) should be appointed Czechoslovak delegate. In view of his mental state a discussion with Samakt had been impossible. Samakt expressed himself roughly as follows: "Today we are down, but other days will come." At their own request the Ministers of Italy, Britain, and France were received in a body about noon today by the Foreign Minister, who, without allowing them to speak, said: "The President and the Government submit to the conditions of the Munich Agreement which has come into being without Czechoslovakia and against her. The Czechoslovak Government reserves the expression of its attitude in writing." At the same time Krofta asked the Ministers to use their influence with the Reich Government for the cessation of anti-Czech propaganda which was making difficult the execution of the Munich Agreement.


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(4) Vojtech Mastny, Czechoslovak Minister in Germany. Back

Documents on German Foreign Policy 1918-1945
Series D Volume IV
United States Government Printing Office : Washington, 1955

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