USA v. Pohl et. al - Selections From the Evidence

IV. Selections From the Evidence on Important Aspects of the Case

A. Development and Organization of the WVHA (SS Economic and Administrative Main Office)

I. Introduction

The "SS Economic and Administrative Main Office (WVHA)" the of the twelve "Main Offices" of the SS was established under that name in early 1942. The defendant Pohl was the chief of this office, and he had been the chief of similar offices which existed before under different names. The evolution, organization, personnel, and tasks of this office are the principal subjects of the materials included in this section. Evidence of the prosecution on pages 293 to 319 is followed by evidence of the defense on pages 319 to 348.

All the defendants were officials in the WVHA. During the trial questions of the criminal responsibility of the individual defendants were often not separable from the organization of the WVHA and the position of a particular defendant in that organization. Hence, materials related to substantive crimes are contained in the present section on organization of the WVHA, and in turn, materials related to organization again appear in the later section dealing principally with the alleged substantive crimes. Special reference is made to the subsection VI B, "The Defense of Mere Organizational or Administrative Association" on pages 786 to 801. The defense evidence reproduced in that section was calculated to show that there was no criminal responsibility because of the particular type of work performed by individual defendants within the organization framework of the WVHA.

2. Selections From Evidence of the Prosecution

Prosecution Documents

Doc. No. Pros. Ex. No. Description of Document
NO-620 33 Table of organization of the SS Main Office Budget and Buildings and Main Office Administration and Economy before the establishment of the WVHA.
NO-1451 21 Himmler's order, 4/20/1939 establishing the "Main Office Administration and Economy" also known as "Administrative and Economic Main Office."
NO-019(a) 24 Extract from letter of Himmler, December 1939, to SS Gruppenfuehrer Hildebrandt, stating responsibilities of Gluecks and defendant Pohl.
NO-3698 556 Letter from defendant Georg Loerner, 9/23/1940, concerning establishment of branch offices of the Main Office Budget and Buildings at the concentration camps to handle labor allocation of prisoners.
NO-495 37 Circular of defendant Pohl, 1/19/1942, announcing new organizational set-up under WVHA, and stating positions of defendants Frank, Georg Loerner, and Pohl.
R-129 40 Report by Pohl to Himmler, 4/30/1942, re taking over Inspectorate of Concentration Camps; circular of Pohl, same date, on administration of the camps.
NO-719 42 Himmler's reply, 5/29/1942, to defendant Pohl's report of 4/30/1942.
1063(F)-PS 39 Circular of Mueller (RSHA), 5/30/1942, announcing transfer of office of Inspector of Concentration Camps to WVHA, as division D.
NO-1994 88 Report by defendant Pohl to Himmler, 7/28/1942, asking approval for transfer, promotion, and detachment of concentration camp commanders; answer by Brandt, on behalf of Himmler, 8/23/1942.
NO-4510 718 Order signed by defendant Fanslau, 8/27/1942, transferring concentration camp Commander Suhren from Sachsenhausen to Ravensbrueck.
NO-1016 46 Note to defendant Fanslau, 7/13/1944, 309 for defendant Volk, and enclosure: description of "Organization and Tasks of office group W" of WVHA.
NO-111 38 Table of organization of WVHA (un-dated).


Extracts from the testimony of the defendant Pohl.

Extracts from testimony of defendant Georg Loerner.

Extract from testimony of defendant Sommer.

Extracts from testimony of defendant Fanslau.

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