Nuremberg Trial Proceedings Vol. 1 : Certificates of Service on Individual Defendants
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24 October 1945

Certificate to General Secretary

I certify that I have served the following documents: (1) Indictment, (2) Notice, (3) Charter of International Military Tribunal, (4) Rule 2 (d) of the Rules of the International Military Tribunal, and (5) list of German lawyers, on the following named defendants at the time and place stated, by personally delivering to each of them a copy in the German language of each of the above-named documents:

HESS, Rudolf 19 October 45Nuremberg
GORING, Hermann 19 October 45Nuremberg
JODL, Alfred l9 October 45Nuremberg
VON RIBBENTROP, Joachim 19 October 45Nuremberg
KEITEL, Wilhelm 19 October 45Nuremberg
LEY, Robert 19 October 45Nuremberg
VON NEURATH, Constantin 19 October 45Nuremberg
SAUCKEL, Fritz19 October 45 Nuremberg
VON PAPEN, Franz19 October 45 Nuremberg
DOENITZ, Karl19 October 45 Nuremberg
SEYSS-INQUART, Arthur19 October 45 Nuremberg
FRANK, Hans19 October 45 Nuremberg
ROSENBERG, Alfred19 October 45 Nuremberg
FUNK, Walter19 October 45 Nuremberg
FRICK, Wilhelm19 October 45 Nuremberg
SPEER, Albert19 October 45 Nuremberg
VON SCHIRACH, Baldur19 October 45 Nuremberg
SCHACHT, Hjalmar19 October 45 Nuremberg
STREICHER, Julius19 October 45 Nuremberg
KALTENBRUNNER, Ernst19 October 45 Nuremberg

I further certify that I have apprised each of the above-named defendants of his right to the employment and designation of counsel.

/s/ A. M. S. NEAVE, Major.

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