History Treatises
  • Andersonville : A Story of Rebel Military Prisons by John McElroy; 1879

  • Argument of John Quincy Adams, Before the Supreme Court of the United States : in the Case of the United States, Appellants, vs. Cinque, and Others, Africans, Captured in the schooner Amistad, by Lieut. Gedney; 1841

  • Argument of Roger S. Baldwin Before the Supreme Court in the Case of U.S. Appellants vs. Cinque, and Other, Africans of the Amistad: 1841

  • History of the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson by Edmund G. Ross; 1868

  • I have a Dream by Martin Luther King, Jr; August 28, 1963

  • Letters From an American Farmer

  • Life, Trial and Execution of Captain John Brown; 1859

  • Manifesto of the Communist Party

  • Memoir of the Proposed Territory of Arizona by Sylvester Mowry, U. S. A., Delegate Elect

  • A Plea for Captain John Brown by Henry David Thoreau; October 30, 1859

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