The British War Bluebook
Mr. Norton to Viscount Halifax. July 3, 1939.
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No. 34.

Mr. Norton to Viscount Halifax.

(Telegraphic.) Warsaw, July 3, 1939.

FROM the austere calm which continues to prevail in Polish official circles and generally throughout Poland, it would appear that gradual remilitarisation of Free City of Danzig has not yet attained dimensions sufficiently serious to alarm Polish Government.

2. They are, of course, aware that the process is intended to facilitate a coup by Herr Hitler should he decide on one.

3. Their attitude to this latter possibility seems to be as follows :-

(a) They are strengthening their powers of defence ceaselessly and to the extent of their financial ability;
(b) They have no intention of provoking a quarrel or of showing weakness;
(c) If their rights in Danzig and the Corridor are seriously threatened they will reply by counter-measures proportionate to the circumstances;
(d) That Herr Hitler will think twice before challenging the anti-aggression front openly;
(e) If he does so, Poland will put up the best show she can.

4. This attitude may seem over-simplified, but at least it is comprehensible, restrained, and well-calculated to counteract German technique of "psychological terrorism."

5. It is unfortunately inevitable that the initiative should rest with the would-be aggressor.

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