The British War Bluebook
Mr. F. M. Shepherd to Viscount Halifax. August 4, 1939
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No. 44.

Mr. F. M. Shepherd to Viscount Halifax.

(Telegraphic.) Danzig, August 4, 1939.

POLISH representative saw the High Commissioner this morning on his return from Warsaw and read to him a translation of a note which he will hand to the Senate this afternoon. It is polite but firm, and ends on a conciliatory note. Referring to the threat to open the East Prussian frontier M. Chodacki requested the High Commissioner to give the President of the Senate a personal message to the effect that such a move would be for Poland a casus belli.

2. The President of the Senate complained to the High Commissioner that Gauleiter had not passed on to him the desire of the Führer to terminate the war of notes and to work towards a détente. Herr Greiser was incensed at having been placed in a false position, and said he would not have sent his notes of 29th July had he been kept au courant.

3. The President and Polish representative will meet at the High Commissioner's house on 7th August.

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