The Washington Conference 1941-1942
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The President's Special Assistant (Hopkins) to the President

Hopkins Papers

[ Extract(1) ]

WASHINGTON, December 29,1941.

Joint Declaration

Attached are two memoranda from Eden to Halifax relative to the Free French and the listing of the various countries.(2)

The Prime Minister, in his talk with me late this afternoon, suggested the elimination of Section E of the Declaration on the ground that it was repetitious.(3)

H. L H.

(1) The omitted paragraphs of this memorandum refer to the problem of St. Pierre and Miquelon; see ante, p. 140. Back

(2) The "memoranda" under reference are the two telegrams from Eden to Halifax, supra. Back

(3) The "Section E" is not identified and no other reference has been found that would indicate its identity. The reference may be to the phrase "and to continue war against," which appears in paragraph numbered (2) of the draft. This phrase was dropped in the process of incorporating the Russian amendments; see post, p, 375. Back

Foreign Relations of the United States
The Conferences at Washington, 1941-1942 and Casablanca, 1943
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