History of the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
  • Preface

  • Chapter I. The Problem of Reconstruction
  • Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction

  • Chapter II. The Baltimore Convention

  • Chapter III. Mr. Johnson's Accession to the Presidency
  • North Carolina Proclamation
  • General Grant's Report to Congress

  • Chapter IV. First Attempt To Impeach The President

  • Chapter V. The Tenure-Of-Office Act
  • President Johnson's Veto Message

  • Chapter VI. Impeachment Agreed To By The House

  • Chapter VII. Impeachment Reported To The Senate
  • Articles of Impeachment
  • President Johnson's Answer

  • Chapter VIII. Organization Of The Court Argument Of Counsel

  • Chapter IX. Examination Of Witnesses And Their Testimony

  • Chapter X. A Conference Held And The First Vote Taken

  • Chapter XI. The Impeachers In A Maze - A Recess Ordered

  • Chapter XII. Was It A Partisan Prosecution?

  • Chapter XIII. The Constitutional Power Of Impeachment

  • Supplement

  • Source:
    Ross, Edmund G. (Edmund Gibson), 1826-1907
    History of the impeachment of Andrew Johnson, president of the United States, by the House of representatives, and his trial by the Senate, for high crimes and misdemeanors in office, 1868. By Edmund G. Ross

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