The German Foreign Ministry to the German Embassy in the Soviet Union
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No. 616


BERLIN, January 28, 1938.
(zu Pol. 169 g (V))

Drafting Officer: Secretary of Legation Baron von Welck.

Enclosed is a copy of a letter of the Reichsfiihrer-SS and Chief of the German Police (1) for your information.

Through further discussions between the Foreign Ministry and the Gestapo it has been insured that members of the Soviet Trade Mission in Berlin and Hamburg will under all circumstances be exempted from the impending expulsion move.

In case the Soviet citizens expelled should not comply with the deportation order within 10 days, they will be detained pending deportation. The Gestapo, through the mediation of the Foreign Ministry, will then attempt to procure Soviet entry permits and the necessary transit visas for those expelled. Should this not be possible in individual cases, the Gestapo will try to dispose of the expelled persons by sending them across the border illegally.