Nuremberg Trial Proceedings Volume 8 :
Sixty-Third Day - Seventy-Fourth Day
Sixty-Third Day 02-20-46 Shenin's Opening Statement on Plunder of Private and Public Property
Sixty-Fourth Day 02-21-46 Raginsky's Opening Statement on Crimes Against Culture
Sixty-Fifth Day 02-22-46 Continuation of Raginsky's Presentation on Destruction of Cities and Towns
Testimony of Director of the State Hermitage Joseph Orbeli
Sixty-Sixth Day 02-23-46 Defense's Application for Witnesses and Documents for Ribbentrop and Goering
Sixty-Seventh Day 02-25-46 Conclusion of Defense's Application for Witnesses and Documents
Smirnov's Opening Statement on the Crimes against Humanity
Sixty-Eighth Day 02-26-46 Continuation of Smirnov's Presentation on Crimes against Humanity
Testimony of Jacob Grigoriev
Smirnov's Presentation on Discrimination against the Soviet People
Testimony of Dr. Eugene Alexandrovich Kivelisha
Sixty-Ninth Day 02-27-46 Conclusion of Smirnov's Presentation
Testimony of Abram Gerzevitch Suzkever
Testimony of Severina Shmaglevskaya on Treatment of Children
Testimony of Samuel Rajzman on Treblinka
Testimony of Very Reverend Nikolai Ivanovitch Lomakin on Religious Persecution
Seventieth Day 02-28-46 Prosecution's Definition of the Criminality of Organizations
Seventy-First Day 03-01-46 Prosecution's Clarification of the Criminality of Organizations
Seventy-Second Day 03-02-46 Prosecution's Conclusion of the Criminality of Organizations
Seventy-Third Day 03-04-46 Soviet's Presentation Conclusion
Defense's Application for Witnesses for Kaltenbrunner, Rosenberg, and Frick
Seventy-Fourth Day 03-05-46 Defense's Application for Witnesses and Documents for Streicher, Funk, and Doenitz

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